Where to find women. These are the best places to go to pick up girls

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Cultural events: Events for Spanish, Brazilian, German, Irish, Middle Eastern communities, etc. Here, show that you know a little about the community, and the country or their customs. They welcome foreigners, and they want to show you their food and customs. Take advantage of it. Some of these girls are looking for marriage for a green card, and not always prefer a man from their country.

Foreign countries associations: Again know a little about the language, countries and people before you attend. They always need help in their activities, so take advantage of this situation, volunteer for any activities they have, offer your car to drive the dancers or carry stuff, etc. This way, you will be available to meet any girl attending or working in their activities.

Civic Groups, spiritual / religious groups, political groups, charity groups: They all have weekly or monthly meetings, great place to meet people, but you may find an older crowd here. If you do not find somebody attractive, remember they also have parties and functions. Volunteer to work behind a counter, and you will have a good opening to talk to all the women you want.

Barbecues, Block Parties, Festivals, Picnics: If you need an opening, try bringing a big cooler with soda and beer, or the grill, and since you own the grill, you cook; and since you cook, you serve the girls right on their plate. Can you find a better opening than this?

Jewelry stores, shows, wholesale jewelry shows: Women working here dress very well, and have the time to talk to you. Do not wear a T-shirt and dirty jeans here, dress well, and look well to do when being here. These women value affluence and high-priced articles. Some jewelry shows vendors usually hire models for their booths. They know nothing about jewelry, and they really would enjoy talking to you about anything else.

Health Club, Gym: Remember women here value guys in good shape, and she is wearing tight outfits, so she knows you are looking at her body.

Dance class: Same as above, but much more personal to meet girls, since there is an instructor talking to all of you. Here you can interact with the other women students much easier.

Health food store: Some of these girls do not use make up, are vegetarian, love tofu, and drink sugar free juices. Do not look like a Vegas gambler here. These girls like the sencitive kind of guy. Look for the bulletin board for the next meditation or psychic class.

Seminars: Money seminars, topics about women interests, and self-improvement. Go early so you can walk around the presentation table outside the seminar room and have a chance to talk to any girls. Keep your eyes open, and remember the women you see. Stay late asking questions, and at the end, if the location is a hotel, walk to the bar, and see if you remember any faces from the seminar.

Public Speaking: If you have a skill, and you know or can learn public speaking; you should offer seminars in libraries or in college courses. This is an excellent way to meet new people. You will be the center of the attention for a few minutes, Isn't this great?. Stay to answer questions at the end, and to socialize and talk to women.

Gardening, Flower Shows: I would be bore to death here, but these places are full of women.

Political events: Know about the candidates and their positions, otherwise you will look like a fool when you approach a girl to talk with. If this is a republican group, dress well, clean and conservative, if it's a democrat group, use more casual clothe, if it's a Nadder socialist group, open a hole in your rainbow color T-shirt, and show your rolling paper around.

Museums: Act with some elegance and refinement here. Again, keep your eyes open, and remember the women you see, since probably you will meet them several times later in the other parts of the building. You have to understand that the girls you see, are also checking you out.

Art gallery: You will find women that are better educated, behave with class and confidence here. If you do not know about the artists or pieces, act with confidence, and if you are talking with a girl who is familiar with the exhibit, ask her to explain it to you.

Chamber music, baroque music concerts: Again, better educated women. These women should be auditive in their thinking process, so use auditive words when talking to them.

Concert at the park: Casual place to meet women.

Book Discussion Groups, Lectures: Intellectual girls here, you may meet girls that work in liberal, feminist, and charity groups. Check your politically correct language here, one mistake, and you will loose rapport fast.

Bookstore, bookstore with a coffee shop, or coffee / cappuccino shop

Library: go to the area where women interest books are located. Check the schedule for lectures that will be busy with women.

Noontime near office buildings, or business center: Hit the restaurants, benches to eat outside, and food courts in the area. Well-dressed women here, you should also look clean and choose some decent clothes. Remember, women like to buy shoes, they are experts at this; DO NOT WEAR OLD SHOES, they noticed these things.

Antique Shop: Busy on weekends during the day.

The mall: Full of women every where you look. Talk to the girls working at the stores; try several times until you find one that is interested in you. Best time for this is when they are not busy, during the day on weekdays, better yet, do it before lunch time, so you can ask her for lunch, or meet her for lunch by coincidence at the food court a little later. To meet women customers in the stores, I ask questions (ask for their advise), this is a great way to break the ice.

Parent organizations, school PTA, playgrounds, and children's museums and theater: Best if you have a kid with you. Here you will find some divorced or single women who would be interested in the following characteristics: Mature man looking for a serious relationship, that is good with kids, and financially secure.

Church: I do not advise you to go far from your believes when choosing a church to visit. Pick one that offers coffee and cookies at the end of the service. Check if they have other kind of meetings on weeknights, these meeting are more personal than the Sunday service, also ask if they need volunteers for a Saturday morning yard sale. What a better place to meet women, you'll look like the good guy girls want to introduce to mom and dad.

Self-help groups and meetings: I found a girl with big emotional challenges in one of these meetings. I would only go here if I really belong to the group. That's my take.

Laundromats: I didn't care if I had to drive half an hour with my dirty laundry to find a place close to the college campus. They are full of young girls

College: What can I say here but "abundance of women everywhere you look". Visit the cafeteria, coffee shops, vending areas, borrow a book and walk around the library asking questions with a smile, or any kind of shops around the area, and don't forget to check for lectures offered in campus.

All coffee shops, libraries, theaters, pizza places, bars, and businesses around college areas.

Beaches, pools: Take sun screen cream, and some kind of a sun umbrella. Remember she knows you are looking at her wearing very little fabric. Be friendly and sensual at the same time. When talking with a girl, if you notice she is baking under the sun, offer her to come to the shade under your umbrella (smooth opening right?). If she shows signs to be interested in you, take a step forwards by offering to put some sun cream on her. This is a big step, since you'll be rubbing your hands all over her, in case she accepts. Check if she starts enjoying it, then you are ready for a home run. In the event there is no action where you are, move a few yards away, and also stay busy, play with a ball, with a frisbee, or do whatever in order to look friendly, accessible, and approachable. This will help you to start a conversation with any girl in the area.

Running marathon, biking, hike, and bike trail: You will find women that take care of their health and their bodies. They will be also wearing little clothes here, so you have to look healthy and in shape, they respect that in a man.

Sailing, marinas, renting boats on vacation areas: You will find women who like to have fun, and outdoor activities. Remember the faces you see during the day, since you may find them going drinking on the town later on.

Cruises, resort vacations: Women on vacation let go of their apprehensions, she is out of town, she wants to have fun and nobody she knows is watching her.

Any kind of sports like bowling, softball, women soccer, volleyball, ice-skating.

Bus Stops: Break the ice always with a smile.

Supermarkets: Same thing as in the mall, I always ask questions. I find it better to go at night. No housewives, and less hectic.

Adult education classes: Check the courses available. You have to choose a class that will be full of women.

Photography: I do not know why women like photography so much. As I mentioned above, go to a class about taking pictures, go to a seminar, lecture or a presentation about photography.

Horseback Riding: Another one that is filled with women, I really don't understand it, but women like to ride horses, take care of horses, and teach horseback riding.

Airport / flight: Only pick up women that are sitting at your gate, otherwise, you'll only have 20 minutes to pick up a girl who lives at the other side of the country. If you are lucky, the girl you were talking with at your gate, will be sitting close to you, or the seat next to the walking alley. If you are luckier, you'll have a babe sitting next to you, and you can use all you learned in this report to pick her up. If not, walk around the plane, and ask for coffee or soda by the back of the plane to the flight attendant. Wait until they finished serving all the food, otherwise they will be too busy to talk to you. They usually know well the city where you are going, so start by asking about hotels, transportation from the airport to the hotels, restaurants and places to go. Walk around the plane, and check if any girl sitting by the alley smiles at you, and start talking. The good thing of this scenario, is that they can not run away from you until the end of the flight. Remember, your last chance to get a date or phone number with one of these girls, is when picking up your suitcases.

Single meetings/clubs/dances: I usually found older women here. Have fun, be friendly, but act with respect. There is one thing that a woman here does not want. She doesn't want you to assume that she is here because she is desperate for a man. Specially the newcomers.

There are other 100's of places to meet women. One of those of course, the disco or bar. Since it's so obvious, I didn't include it in the list. Other places to check: Camping, city parks, zoos, aquariums, dog owners, cat shows, environmental or any other organizations, poetry clubs, wine tasting, carnivals, fairs, comedy clubs, movie rental (take plenty of time to browse), plays, etc.

If you are in a party, working as a volunteer in a group, having a coffee after church service, or in a festival, picnic, seminar / lecture coffee table, college or dance class, or running in a marathon; then you are in what I consider a pick up friendly space. When you are in one of these places, you are expected to start with a "Hi, how are you". Here, the normal thing to do, is to be friendly and approach others with a "HI".

There are other environments where the approach has to be more casual. Malls, bus stops, supermarkets, bookstores, food courts, or restaurants, etc. These places are public, and many women (not all) have their defense wall a little higher. So, I usually start by asking a question about the place, like "where do they have the party hats" (if she has party hats and plates in her carriage); check her reaction here, if friendly, follow up with "Are you organizing a party?". The word organizing may sound a little odd, but if she is doing that, then she may start telling you about all the things that she's been doing for the party. Another approach is to make a comment about the place or the merchandise for sale. Then check her reaction, and see if she is interested in answering and talking with you. As usual, here you will need to look good, confident and have an air of charisma when talking. You have to present yourself very well here, because unlike a park festival, or taking an evening class, first impressions in public places is very short.

Observe, and see what's the best approach. I have seen girls walking around the mall wearing a big smile, what I did was to come near with a smile, and just say "Hi". Life is short, don't let it pass without having some fun before the whole thing is over



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